zaterdag 20 september 2014

Drawing Challenge 5 Second Hand, part two

The Milkmaid

Jullie kennen haar allemaal wel. Het Melkmeisje van de beroemde schilder Johannes Vermeer. Wat jullie niet weten dat is dat ze een vriendin van me is. En als cadeau gaf ze me haar kan. Komt vast wel van pas, zei ze, voor je melk. Goed, ik deed er dus melk in, maar ja, zo'n kan in de koelkast, dat past dus niet ( of m'n koelkast is te klein). Bovendien gutste de melk er geregeld overheen. Omdat het een geschenk was wilde ik het toch een mooie plek geven. Nu staat het op de keukentafel en af en toe zet ik er een bos bloemen in. Ach, zo'n aardige vriendin, dat melkmeisje... Ben je benieuwd wat anderen gemaakt hebben aan de hand van deze Drawing Challenge, klik op onderstaande namen en je ziet het!

You all know her. The Milkmaid from the famous painter Johannes Vermeer. What you don't know, she's my good friend. And she gave me a present, her jug. I think you can use this for your milk, she said. So, my jug with a lot of milk had to go into the refrigerator.Ofcourse it didn't fit, it was to big (or my refrigerator is to small). By the way, regulary the milk came over the jug. Because it was a gift I gave it a beautiful place. Now it's standing on the kitchentable and sometimes I'll surpise myself with flowers. Such a nice woman, my friend the milkmaid... Would you like to know what other people made about this Drawing Challenge? Click on the names at the bottom of this page and you will find out.

Nadine, Stefanie, Ariane, Roberto, Eric, Susan, Tania, Sabine, Veronica, Barbara, Tammie Lee 

9 opmerkingen:

  1. yes, i think gifts such as this historic one should be coveted some, at least for a while! ha, you make me dream about vermeer... smile to my face. i think he was most romantic... are you going to bbq the chestnuts? love that smell too! makes me look forward to winter and the brussels streets by night fall.
    well done on your first DC, joke!!

  2. such a gorgeous jug indeed!

    would you please add my name to the list, pretty please. I have decided to join you and will have my listing up later today.

    Thank you for being our host!

  3. Nice interpretation of Vermeers still life. - eric

  4. Ha, I think that's wonderful. Perfect still life with milk jug. :D Thank you so much for hosting and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Hello Joke, very nice story how you get to own this phantastic milk pot. Like the arrangement you did with it and had a lot of money playing with this theme this weekend!
    barbara bee

  6. Dear Joke,
    what a wonderful story - the mug with the still life is great...perfect autumn mood. Thank you for the wonderful theme.

  7. ...and magically, the old ceramic jug was transformed into a jug enamelled metal!
    These are the mysteries of having a beautiful friend painted by Vermeer! :)

  8. I love your still life and every single piece in it. :-)