vrijdag 30 januari 2015

Drawing Challenge 14a

The Unexpected

Het Onverwachte. De twee woorden die ik als host heb uitgekozen.Toen ik de laatste keer in het ziekenhuis was bij de orthopeed, liet hij me de foto's van beide knieën zien en vertelde dat na de gelukte pijnbestrijdingsoperaties de artrose rustig was doorgegroeid. Ik zag een berglandschap, met scherpe pieken en diepe dalen. Onverwacht? Een beetje, alhoewel.... In m'n tekeningen draait alles sinds april verleden jaar om het onverwachte. Ik teken dagelijks, zoals zoveel mensen doen. Op rekeningen, in m'n agenda, overal op. Een tekening ging een keer dwars over een te betalen bedrag heen. Onleesbaar geworden, Juist dit krabbelen, zonder vooropgezet plan, levert me onverwachte, vrije werkjes op. M'n nichtje, die  ook graag tekent, kon een keer niet kiezen tussen een schildpad en een vogel. Ze vond de oplossing en maakte een schildpadvogel! Sommige tekeningetjes zijn aardig en die bewaar ik dan, Want je weet maar nooit. Als je wilt zien wat andere deelnemers hebben gemaakt van deze D. C., klik dan op hun namen en je ziet het. Fijn weekend!

The Unexpected. The two words I've choosen as host. The last time I was in the hospital my orthopedist showed me the pictures from my two knees and told that after the succesful pain management operations, the arthrosis does grow slowly farther. I saw a mountainlandscape, with sharp peaks and deep valleys. Unexpected? Mayby just a little bit... In my drawings it's since april last year all about The Unexpected. I draw a lot, like a lot of people do. On bills, in my diary, it doesn't matter. One drawing that I made on a bill, made it impossible to see what to pay. These sketches give me unexpected drawings without a preconceived plan,. My niece also likes to draw. She couldn't choose between a turtle and a bird. So she found the solution and made a turtlebird!  Some sketches are nice and I keep them. Because, you'll never know.If you want to see what other members about this D.C. made, click on their name and you will find out. Have a nice weekend!

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  1. hoi!
    dit thema past jou zo goed
    ik geniet van je onverwachte tekeningen
    (al reageer ik niet altijd ;^))
    en die tweede fot (zoals ik al op fb schreef)
    mijn favoriet!

    bedankt voor het thema en sterkte met de knieën
    fijn weekend!

  2. That's marvellous. Love that little tip-toe fairy and love that she made it into one of your wonderful drawings. That's a good one. So much to see. It's fantastic for me to be stuck in a painting wanting to see every little bit of it and to keep seeing new and fresh things. That rarely happens these days, but this one is doing that for me.

    I would have loved being the teller at the bank when you brought your bill in to pay it. You would have instantly become my new best friend. :D Thank you so much for hosting with those two brilliant words. X

  3. yes. your drawing sometimes does feel a little like a release from something, which is a good thing, because if we can 'draw it out', then we're lucky. and then maybe i'm just all wrong thinking you are drawing for release... !
    i'm sorry to hear about the medical news, i hope this is not too much of an obstruction for you on a daily basis.
    anyway, this unexpected theme was, erm, exactly that : unexpected, and fun. it made me think too.

  4. Mooi overzicht van allerlei onverwachte dingen. Prachtige schildpadvogel van je nichtje!

  5. so fun to see your nieces turtle bird
    your piece with the little people are so unexpected and made me smile
    unexpected because they seem a different style

    yes, i bet those landscapes of your knees were different from what you might have thought they looked like.

    thank you for being our host with a fun prompt for us!

  6. Thank you for the invite - I love the tiptoe fairy too, and the last one really has my attention - very Picasso!

  7. Knees and the unexpected surprise of pain. I hope all will be well for you and your knees. Thanks for hosting this week's challenge. xo

  8. hello Joke, wonderful to look at all the little drawings you make all the time, isn't it great to have a second nature which produces all this.
    the little ballerina ...balancing with a big smile, she immediatly steals my heart, to find her again (unexpected) in your other drawing :) i love it.
    the way you are drawing real characters in a few lines is very surprising.

    wishing you all the best.

    Joke, ik dacht geen tijd te kunnen vinden voor deze interessante dc maar onverwacht !! vond ik die toch wel, dus heel erg laat en men excuses hiervoor.

  9. dear Joke, I love to read your words and thoughts. I hope everything will good for you and your health! Drawing is living. Turtlebirds are great!
    thank you for hosting and thanks for your comment on my blog (I ws feeling really guilty becuse of my uninspired d.c.) - my day was fine, I enjoyed it mostly on the sofa...
    x Stefanie

  10. Thank you for the inspiratinh theme Joke.
    The turtlebird is great, specially when you integrate it in your daily drawing. Hope your knees will get well soon.

  11. Sometimes. a period somehow "outside our usual time" as a postoperative, or simply being in bed with flu. makes unexpected, any drawing out of our minds.
    It is as if we are seeing the world from a different dde everyday sight.
    Congratulations to your niece, I am convinced aue children see the world from a perspective very different from adults, this makes your art is real. (unprocessed) Imaginative 100%.

  12. sorry i mean: "from a different point of view than every day"...
    and: " I am convinced that children"...

  13. Dear Joke thank you for this inspiring theme and I really love all your drawings and the turtlebird of niece is really unexpected and funny but my favorite is this moose or horse with the big nose is my favorite.
    Hope your knees will be better - in health matters doctors are not always right - hopefully!
    barbara bee

  14. everything about your marvelous theme has been said already. all there is left for me:"I so want a turtlebird." and thank you!

  15. Thank you all for your response, I'm a happy woman!