zaterdag 17 mei 2014

Drawing Challenge


M'n eerste Drawing Challenge. Kristen is deze keer host en heeft als uitdaging het woord herinnering gegeven. Nou, dit is een goede herinnering. Een jaar lang heeft deze plaat en schroeven m'n doorgezaagde been in de juiste stand gehouden. Hierdoor kon ik rustig herstellen en opnieuw leren lopen. Een jaar later gaat bewegen makkelijker en kan ik weer vrijwel pijnloos naar musea of bijvoorbeeld lekker winkelen. De beperking blijft maar minder pijn is heerlijk. 

My first Drawing Challenge. Kirsten is host and gave us the word memory as challenge. So, this is a good one. A whole year this metal sheet and these screw kept my lumbered leg in the right place. It gave me time to recover and I also needed time learning to walk again. One year later I can move almost painless and walk much easyer. I can go to musea for a whole day or shop in several stores. The limitation stays but.... less pain is lovely.

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10 opmerkingen:

  1. Hallo Joke, welkom bij de DC. Ik zag je vraag op Kirsten haar blog .Als ik op je naam klik dan kom ik bij je google+ pagina. Misschien is het handig om daar een link naar te posten.
    Dat was trouwens een hoop ijzerwerk in je been. Mooi dat je weer zonder kunt. Eric

  2. funny, this, joke! i saw your picture on fb, and i wondered... would it be? and then i read here that indeed, you have had a special relationship with nuts and bolts... i mean! how incredible, both to be lumbered by these everyday objects, yet also, how amazing they would fix our body up, like they fix up other works (around the house)... what a memory... very touching.
    will be late entering the challenge... x n♥

  3. Hi Joke- what a wonderful and personal post, I am always amazed by the resiliency of our bodies and also the ingenuity of medicine- it must be a strange memory when you look at those nuts and bolts as they were such a part of who you are- I sure a mixed set of emotions...thanks so much for playing along- it's great to meet you here, and I fixed the link to here on my blog :)
    All the best! Kristen

  4. such an interesting piece of metal
    i had not idea what it was for
    so glad you are feeling less pain and able to walk
    such an interesting drawing too, it makes me look and look some more

  5. ok, wow, I am speechless... really?
    so big and so brutal... I am happy with you that it helps and that you go and go on! Your drawings are great, they have an own style, I love they are always floating.
    x Stefanie

  6. Interesting to think of pain as a memory and a trigger of memory. Welcome to the drawing challenge, Joke, nice to meet you!
    (my ankle is held together with screws from a car wreck when I was 19 and i never got the screws out - if I did, I too, would keep them).

  7. wat een enorm stuk metaal!
    maar fijn dat het heeft geholpen, dat dan weer wel
    pijn als herinnering, o ja, veel herinneringen komen
    wat mij betreft door gevoel en zintuigen


  8. Oh my god, it looks like something from ikea to build a wardrobe or so or a door hinge. Don't even like to think about having something like that in my leg. I'm glad that you're recovered and this is only a bad memory which is over now.

  9. Wat een mooie commentaren Joke en wat leuk dit. Had geen idee bij wat er in je been zat. Is nog behoorlijk wat ijzer!

  10. Hard to imagine, that these metal pieces are put into human bodies (yours!!) to fix broken bones...makes me think of a car repair!! In fact, our body IS some kind of machine, but isn't it interesting and wonder that it has the power to repair itself (even if it takes its time and sometimes a little help)?!
    I'm glad you're much better now and pain turned into a memory.
    Funny drawing, too! I would never pierce any pierce of my body voluntarily, by the way. No metal until it's not necessary! ;-)