vrijdag 26 juni 2015

Drawing Challenge Plates Part Two

Big Wish

Al een aantal jaren heb ik een wens. Thuis is ie bekend. Persoonlijk vind ik het tof  als hij onverwacht in vervulling gaat. Het lijkt me he-le-maal te gek om borden kapot te gooien!! Ja, ik weet het, klinkt een beetje als iets afreageren maar ik zie het meer als iets dat veel plezier oplevert. Net zoals het hard schreeuwen in een tunnel. M'n hele lichaam er tegen aan gooien, het lawaai, en dat het van mezelf mag. Zou dat niet geweldig zijn? Voorlopig houd ik het maar met het tekenen ervan, helaas...En Nadine, elk jaar kreeg ik stiften,kleurpotloden en boeken.M'n moeder kende me goed!

For several years I've got a wish. At home it's well known. Personally I think this will work when it's unexpeted . It must be totally too crazy to throw plates!! Yes, its sounds a little bit like abreacting something . I think it's something that gives me a lot of pleasure. Just like screaming hard in a tunnel. My whole body throwing against it, the noise and giving myself the permission to do so.
Wouldn't that be great? Meanwhile, it's just a drawing, saidly...
Other participants of this Drawing Challenge are Jo, Tammie, Roberto, Veronica, Nadine, Ariane and Patrice. You can see what they've made. And Nadine, each year I got markers, crayons and books. I think my mother knew me well!

12 opmerkingen:

  1. throwing plates
    i did that once
    it felt so good
    straight out of a movie
    big expression of feelings
    fun art expressing this
    thank you for hosting Joke!

  2. oh, fieeuuww... wat een opluchting. i'm glad your mum knew you well! ☺ i love the image of your wish, the movement of it is stunning, i could step right in. this reminds me a little, just a ittle, of the scene in HOW TO MAKE AN AMERICAN QUILT when the two sisters act out on a crucial scene. if you haven't seen the movie then : i won't say how or what exactly, ànd, look the movie up and watch it!
    thxs, this plates drawing challenge is quite extraordinary, i feel. n♥

  3. My brother once hung a shelf for me that I put all of my plates and dishes on. During the night, the shelf collapsed and every single plate I owned was smashed to pieces on the kitchen floor!!!
    I thoroughly enjoyed the DC this week Joke :)
    Thanks for posting it.
    (hey, why don't you just get a plate you hate and throw it against the wall!!)

  4. Ha, I've never thrown plates against a wall. I have tried a couple of bowls in clay on the wheel. That was fun but probably not as satisfying as throwing them against the wall. :D Thank you so much for hosting my dear. Such a treat to have to stretch my brain with out DCs.

  5. Some people have a habit of breaking the plates, not the Greeks? They should be people who have the mood very calm and eliminate stress easily! :)) Have a nice week end!!!!

  6. Thank you all for the works you'd made. It inspires me how a word works with different people.

  7. I did! and it was great, dear Joke. What are you waiting for?
    But, one time I grabbed an old coffeepot which I used for giving the plants some water, lifted it in anger and clank it on the floor... one moment after the pot burst, the water came down on me... I cool down in that second ;-)

    It was in a time with lot of bodywork and it works til today.

    I don't know, if I could throw such beauties you have shown here in the second pic... Your drawing is great. There is a nonchalance... a female way.

    Thank you for hosting! Ja, really inspiring.
    xo Ariane.

  8. You did IT! Fantastic Ariane. I'm don't know why I'm waiting. The noise, that feeling, it MUST be great. Thanks a lot Ariane.

  9. ;^))
    dat zou ik ook wel willen doen, eens
    nu smijt ik soms met deuren en dat is ook fijn
    al is de de husband het daar niet mee eens

    ik heb gepost
    mijn kleine bijdrage
    zo weinig tijd.... sorry!
    maar dank voor het thema
    het paste precies ;^))


  10. dag joke!
    zie je 't zitten, heb je zin, kom dan gauw even langs HERE. je bent uitgenodigd! n♥

  11. joke!
    ik vraag me wellicht af of ik op de juiste blog publiceer, maar ik begrijp vooral dat jij het super, super druk hebt, niet? enfin, ik vraag je toch maar, hoor! :-))). a new drawing theme is up. je bent meer dan welkom, n♥

  12. dag joke, ik passeer toch maar eventjes hier, hoor. je weet nooit dat je tijd en zin hebt? liefs! nadine♥

    if you feel like playing along on our DC, check out here and feel free to participate....