zondag 8 juni 2014

Drawing Challenge 3

Upside down

Patrice is de host van deze week. De uitdaging is het woord onderste boven. Onderste boven was ik toen ik hoorde dat we gingen verhuizen. M'n leven is letterlijk op z'n kop gegooid. Kinderen bleven daar in de buurt wonen, vriendinnen zou ik minder gaan zien of misschien zelfs helemaal verliezen. Drie uur reizen is te lang om even een kop koffie te halen. Een heel nieuw sociaal netwerk opbouwen. Onderste boven ben ik ook van het meedoen aan d.c. Zien en lezen wat anderen maken. Ervaren dat er meer mensen zijn die, net als ik, er van houden iets te maken en dit graag delen. 
Deze twitter- mensen heb ik al eens eerder gemaakt. Een portret toegevoegd, op de kop gezet, verknipt, door elkaar gehusseld.  Een geest vliegt voorbij. Dit allemaal met 1 portret.   

Patrice is host this week. The challenge are the two words upside down. I was upside down when I knew we had to move to another part of the country. My live is turned upside down. The childeren stayed there. Friends would come less ore mayby I would lose them. Three hours of travelling for drinking a cup of coffee is mutch to far. I need to built a new social network. I was also upside down when I started with d.c. Looking and reading what you all make. Experience that there are more people who, just like I do, love to make something and share this.
These "twitter"-people, I created once before. I put a portrait to it, turned it upside down, cutted it, shaked it. A ghost is flying by. This all with one portrait. Had al lot of fun!

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  1. hoi Joke,
    je woorden zij zo herkenbaar....
    bijna 12 jaar geleden verhuisden wij van Rotterdam naar hier
    ik liet werk, familie en vrienden achter
    pas een paar jaar later, toen ook Jongste naar school ging
    werd ik overvallen door een soort rouw, mijn wereld op zijn kop
    hoe makkelijk maak je vrienden als je jong bent
    hoe anders gaat dat later....
    en dan je drawing, wederom herkenning
    maar de geest die voorbij vliegt doet me glimlachen ;^))

    bedankt voor het meedoen
    Patrice A.

  2. Brilliant! Love the Twitter people! They remind me of playful little goldfish or gnomes. I grew up in Prague, Czech Republic, and had to escape as a child and completely understand the loss of country/town/friends...etc. Big hugs to you and I hope you have settled and have loads of lovely new friends around. :D

  3. oh ja, wat clever! now i see it, how you deconstruct one drawing into many more... this is recurring in your freewheelin' portraying, isn't it? yeah, clever!
    are you moving, or you have recently moved? it is a challenging thing, moving. with or without consent, it is upheaval, upside down indeed.

  4. I've recently moved Nadine, only three months ago.

  5. Hi Joke. Excellent your work!.
    Actually, reading this that you wrote, I realize that a change of place to live, puts you upside down.
    once, in my life, I changed my place to live, 10 years ago, I came to where I live. (800 Kilometers from the previous location) and I drove very well the nerves and anxiety. but the day we arrived, when downloaded all the baskets of the moving truck, and all of our furniture was scattered around the garden, waiting to be placed on your site, it began to rain in torrents, and my wife and I embraced, started to cry in the rain. My world had changed, upside down. :)

  6. wat grappig, ik ben ook 5 maanden geleden verhuisd, heel herkenbaar en soms nog steeds moeilijk. Heel leuk ook wat je met het portret hebt gedaan!

  7. Ha, funny thing playing around with one drawing! I love the idea!
    And I know that upside down state because of a movement so well. Not easy to settle somewhere new, find new friends and feel home. That's really quite a change!

  8. yes, a move like that can turn things upside down
    wishing you new friends that you adore

    really a fun piece of art to play with
    explore feelings in and just to see

  9. I love the progression in your drawing Joke :)
    the anonymous taking on form- seems like a good projection for you in your new space- that's a big move! and time will ease the dislocated feelings

  10. Those twitter people are so fun. Because their heads are all exactly the same and yet we know they are all unique and different because of their necklines. Such strong lines Joke!! And the ghost is a riot. I love the sentiment (human roundness in feeling tone) to this piece, depicted with linear (mechanical feeling/mechanical pencil) composition. Cut and paste manually with the heart directing the art is so different than a computer program that moves things in a nanosecond. It puts a red smile on my lips, as a fellow-d.c. er!! *smiling in Vancouver* Norma

  11. Mooi vorm gegeven al die twitteraars. En die geest intrigeert.

  12. Ja daar zou ik ook wel even onderste boven van liggen dat is niet niks en ik heb dat een keer in mijn leven gedaan toen ik naar de UK verhuisde en dat doe ik dus nooit meer! I love your take on the theme!

  13. Joke, your work is fascinating. I, too, relate to your experience of re-location. Need to find connections in a new place myself. Process requiring patience and action. best wishes, sus

  14. I very much like how you played around with your twitter people and how the story develops. Moving away is a hard, I did it before and it changed my life completely and 2 years ago I moved back after 15 years and this turned my life again upside down. Wish you all the best with everything!
    xo barbara bee