zondag 1 juni 2014

Drawing Challenge

No Limits

Roberto is de host dit keer. Als uitdaging heeft hij de twee woorden No Limits uitgekozen. Alles mag, alles kan, lekker groot werken. Dus..  buiten schilderen tegen de muur. Een simpel symbool van de woorden No Limits lijkt op het cijfer acht, horizontaal geschreven. Dit heb ik als uitgangspunt gebruikt. Als je naar iemand kijkt, zie je dan alleen een persoon? Hoe kijk je naar iemand? Heb je een mening over diegene? En limiteert het je om een praatje aan te knopen? Ik kijk nogal serieus, nou ja, ik kijk altijd zo. En word bovendien in de gaten gehouden door drie vrouwen. De wind waaide af en toe onder de vellen. Ik wil het graag nog eens doen.

Roberto is host this time. As a challenge he selected the two words No Limits. Everything is allowed, everything is possible, attractive big working. So I painted outside, against the wall. A simple symbol from the words No Limits is like the number eight written horizontally. I choosed it as a starting point. When you look at someone, do you only see a person? How to look at somebody? Do you have an opinion about her? And does it limits you to talk to her? I had a lot of fun. My face shows a serious woman well I always look this way... And you can see that I've been watched by three women. The wind blewed sometimes underneath the papers. I'd like to do this again.

11 opmerkingen:

  1. Hi, Joke, thank you very much for participating, and be kind enough to paint a work of art from my idea,
    a woman is enough to go beyond all limits, I imagine, three women, can go further.
    Is not surprising that to mean infinity (no limits) we use a sign, that yes have them? ok, humans are limited (very) and everything created by us is limited, including how to represent infinity.
    Anyway I like to think that if anyone can overstep the limits, is a woman.
    (I already changed the link to your blog, I apologize for the mistake, sorry)

  2. hi hi hi, ik vind je uitleg ook spannend. good idea to move outside with a large work such as this one. and no kidding, you painted for an audience? brave woman! i like how you took the theme serious(ly) over the paper's rims and quality..... n♥

  3. Ik vind het prachtig! Dat je naar buiten bent gegaan en lekker groot hebt gewerkt. En een mooie foto van jou ook nog!

  4. ah, the recumbent eight, dear Joke, endless,
    very clever and brave!
    I have read your advices, but can't find any problem... It works (or not?)

    Best, Ariane.

  5. The endless eight, a perfect symbol! I felt something else in your painting...the observation and judgement of others...sometimes feels like limitation...like children we all want to please, to be loved...and sometimes we go too much by other's rules...but it's possible to overcome those limits...by strentgh and self-consiousness...
    Thanks for playing!

  6. wat ziet dat er fijn uit!
    buiten werken op groot formaat, olé!!
    en ik zie het voor me, de wind die met de vellen speelt
    terwijl jij schildert aan de portretten....
    je maakt dat ik zin krijg om groots te werken!
    dank daarvoor!!

    Patrice A.

  7. Mooi en lekker groot! En de portretten kijken je aan met een blik van: wie doet me wat!

  8. Yes! that symbol is perfect and for me I was looking at this as a self portrait of a sort- with maybe three different pieces of you past present and future- limitless in time- but I like what you said too ;)

  9. This looks like a fun project, I think I would like to try that myself too, paint outside. I like the result, it looks so free.

  10. Hi Joke leuk je te ontmoeten via Roberto. I love your blog en zo leuk om plaatjes van mijn vaderland te zien.I really enjoyed your take on no limits and must try painting outside like that myself one day and forget about the limits a studio can bring :)

  11. Hello joke, sorry very late this time, but nice to see that you've choosen the same symbol but interpret it totally differently!
    Also very nice to see you paint outside, thats wonderful.
    And you ask me about the jam it is simply half amount of rubarbre and half strawberry.
    Have a nice week and see on the next dc at the weekend.
    Barbara bee