zaterdag 4 oktober 2014

Drawing Challenge 7


Gisteren ging ik met m'n schildersmaatje naar het Gemeente Museum in Den Haag. Er hangt een grote overzichtstentoonstelling van Mark Rothko.Heel mooi is de opbouw te zien van zijn werk als surrealist naar waar hij later zo beroemd mee is geworden, de grote, harmonieuze kleurvlakken. Volgens Rothko mogen deze werken absoluut geen voorstelling zijn. Dat is pas swoon (bijzonder). Daar heb ik bewondering voor. Hoe moeilijk is het, geen voorstelling te schilderen. Jezelf open stellen voor een totaal andere insteek. Nog meer swoon (respect) heb ik voor zijn fantastisch kleurgebruik. Soms had ik het idee dat ik het schilderij in werd getrokken. 
Dit keer was Tammie onze host van D.C. en zij kwam met het mooie woord "swoon"aanzetten. Wil je meer uitwerkingen zien van deze Drawing Challenge, klik dan hier op de naam Tammie om te zien wat andere deelnemers hierover gemaakt hebben. Fijn weekend.

Yesterday I went with my paintmate to the Gemeente Museum in The Hague. There's a big exhibition about Mark Rothko. Very beautiful to see how he started as a surrealist to where he became so famous with, those big, harmonious colour levels. It was the intention from Rothko that these paintings absolutely not have an image. I think that's swoon (special). How difficult is that, paint something while not showing a landscape or people or something else. He comepletely let it go and made something else, no image. More swoon (respect) I've got for hiSometimes I thought I felt into the painting.
This time was Tammie our D.C. host and she came with that swoon (beautiful) word. If you'd like to see what the other contestants made, just klick on the nameTammie and you will find out. Have a nice weekend.s fantastic colour use. 

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  1. oh, wat! leuk, zeg! i was thinking, is this early work of yours? oh, wow, this is such a revelation, and you mean a big exhibition? and i'll have to look it up, because i'm quite fond of rothko's aubergine room in the tate modern, i always slip in to have a soak in of it, when i'm over...

    now. yes. swoon! and do you think, joke, i have not your email adress, or have i lost it? can you, erm, email me, so that i have it? easier to send an answer sometimes. ik heb overigens nog een antwoordje zitten op een vraag van je.

    grtje, nadine♥

  2. How nice that you also came to Rothko. - eric

  3. thank you for letting me know about your link. I had a feeling it was wrong... but i could not find this blog, when i click on your name it takes me to maybe an older blog. So sorry about that.

    these are gorgeous. i love the colors, designs and everything in general. I am swooning over them Joke.

  4. interesting way to create - to make something that doesn't represent anything in reality, I suppose I'll never understand abstract art but it is nice to see them now and then.

    thanks for stopping by my blog. have a great day.

  5. That's so true Joke. I admired Rothko's work already this week thru Eric's site. (besides, I like his I'm such a realist that it's very hard for me to paint an image which doesn't represent the real world and completely appreciate those who can. :D

  6. ooo Rothko!
    swoon fits his work perfectly!!!!

    fijne week!