vrijdag 10 oktober 2014

Drawing Challenge 8


Heb je zin
Would you like

in een
to have a

a cookie?

De Koningsmannen kunnen niet zonder koek(-jes). Als ze ontbreken bij de koffie of thee hoor ik altijd: Is er geen koek? Een klein koekje?..... dan mag ik er vast wel twee.
De Drawing Challenge van deze week was het woord koekje. Ben je benieuwd wat andere deelnemers hierover gemaakt hebben, klik dan op de naam Stefanie. Zij is onze host van deze week en heeft het woord verzonnen.

The Konings-men can't live without a cookie. If they aren't there at the tea or coffee they always ask Where are the cookies? A small one?.... It must be allright that I'd take two.
The Drawing Challenge this week is the word Cookie. If you want to see what other made, click on the name Stefanie. She's our host this week and invented this word.

11 opmerkingen:

  1. Love your drawing...wonderful cookie box...I love the Dutch buttercookies.
    Have a wonderful week-end

  2. :^))
    in this household
    even two aren't enough most of the time

    fine week!

  3. these are wonderful! love seeing them!

    i want a cookie too ~

  4. Nice drawings. Where would we be without cookies...:) - eric

  5. well, if they're coming from such a beautiful tin... whou could resist the temptation? very refreshing and very visual. time for a break, me thinks. n♥

  6. oh yes, 2 koekje, please!
    nice drawings, thanks for playing
    x stefanie

  7. beautiful drawings! I take not less than two...

  8. Yes i like!!! but sometimes my stomach says no to much butter and then i need a tablet to calm my stomach acid!!!!! :)

  9. Met plezier! Twee koekjes, alsjeblieft! Dank je wel! ;-)
    Groetjes van Aken (maar niet denken, dat ik goed nederlands kan praten, haha)

  10. Very nice drawings and I really had to laugh about your story with all the cookie pieces, haha hilarious and better as the version of my son und put glue on the carpet to catch ghost at night like in the good night story - for good sake at his grandparents house ; )
    xo barbara bee

  11. Those are wonderful drawings Joke, and I love how the story of the baking evolves along the drawings. Very well done. :D